Blogapalooza 2014 (Part 1)


October is a hectic month for me (every week is an affair) and this is one I haven't had a chance to be in before. It was good enough that the original date was cancelled, long enough for me and my sister to sign up. As said on the ad, you only need to register to qualify for entrance. So with no time to waste, we registered as soon as we can (I even furiously changed my new FB account's link just to sound legit). So I could never be happier when I found out my page on their list:

One of my sisters also signed up and we both get to take a plus one, total of a party of four. We came a bit late, a good trade off since I heard some of the bloggers had a bad time by the entrance earlier but we haven't experienced that at all.

So what is Blogapalooza?

Simply put, it's an event targeting bloggers who would mingle with Businesses. As we all know businesses nowadays are easier to find all thanks to bloggers who review their products and services. Some do it for free (like me if I feel like it) while a lot have already made it their prime source of income. It's a symbiotic event, businesses give out freebies, while bloggers get to write about them. A small "investment"if you may say to advertise who they are.

So in return, here's my write up of the event and the businesses we went to. It will be extremely honest, okay? :-D

First stop is Niu by Vikings

I'm not sure if they just happen to prioritize guests they want to but it took a while for them to notice us. Maybe because the chef they manned on their booth is a chinito, hence the ogling of some, but anyway, we have no idea what's up with Niu or the difference of this and Vikings. Everyone just simply took photos of the sushi they have on the table.

Freebies: None


An electric company, their booth have bladeless fans and varieties of vacuums. I wasn't able to test how their vacuums are like (it won't fit in my unit anyway, probably if I have a huge house) but the bladeless fans are quiet compared to your average electric fan. Maybe it's on the lowest setting though, because I can barely feel air. I imagine it will be easier to clean rather than your standard electric fan.

Freebies: Promotional CD and a brochure. I haven't gotten into opening it yet though.


They showcased appliances as well, but what made it exciting is that they offer security cameras of different likes. It's an amazing product really, the images are clear and crisp.

Freebie: ??


No need for special info, we all know what Max's offers. When we came there they haven't offered chicken though :-P

Freebies: Sign up and get a #PUSO tumbler as posted above.


Have an item you want to purchase abroad but don't have an address there? MyShoppingBox might be your best bet. They provide PO BOX abroad which enables you to receive sort of packages consolidated to one which makes your shipping much easier to handle. On this day, bloggers are promised to be given a special discount for membership. For more details go to

Freebies: Umbrella via playing a game where you throw balls on notches on the wall. I believe more prizes await if you get to pop in all 3 balls. You also get an exclusive discount when you first sign up.


Has been a long household brand, Caronia's products is almost synonymous to nail polish. I haven't had mani for so long already but I remembered Caronia being part of my high school life, first learning how to do nails by myself.

Freebies: Get a bag of Caronia by posting a photo of yourself in SNS with this large Caronia nail polish.

See Part 2

NOTE: All Freebies mentioned are just what we received. If NONE this only meant that no one gave us anything but is not a guarantee that others received none too.