SNAP: Beauty Brick Hair Color

After our dismay from our last Salon trip somewhere in Ortigas, we have gone back to my favorite salon- Beauty Brick. This time, no perming, no rebonding. Just color.

Again, we have made an appointment a day before. Surprisingly there are more people that early but anyway they've handled us as soon as we came. I do not have a color in mind so I had them follow on the current color I have on. Noticeable is how they use tubes of color (squeezed to the last drop) instead of other salons where they have batches of color in large containers and combined from there. The smell isn't as strong and I liked that they protect your face and eyes unlike some other salons out there (same one in Ortigas). It was also quick, I think we were done before even 11am.

What I also liked about their technique is that my bath the next day does not have chemical residues. I experienced having color applied elsewhere and sometimes it can take up to 3 baths just to get clear water from your hair.

Here's the obligatory photo at the end. It looks so natural :-)

Pricing starts at 2500 (as usual there's a discount for old patrons!)


  1. hello! i've been reading reviews about beauty brick and i found yours. i want a volume rebond and dye for my hair,, love your hair! that's still your hair from rebond in bb?how many months already? do you have a pricelist of bb? thanx!

    1. yes it still is :-D rebond was way back,here's my old post :

      i'd think you'd probably spend around 5k in total for both treatment for hair. however I cannot remember if they allow both treatments at the same time because your hair might go brittle. anyways just ask them when you get there. when I called they told me color was 3k above but I was priced less (dunno probably because they only need to retouch the color)