The Lesser Known Pancit Center

On one of our almost yearly attendance at Komikon, Reagan and I saw their Shaw Branch while we were finding our way back to Megamall. It intrigued me so at one time we purposely went to that area just so we can try it out. 

It was a tiny diner, can probably (barely) seat just 20 people. On that particular Saturday no one was around so we had the leisure to choose as long as we want. 

Those are Lechon Carahay (P270). They are expensive in my opinion because the serving is not as much. For that amount you could probably order Pata instead. Anyhow, it's truly crispy. 

Reagan ordered this Pancit Cabagan (P65) which we both didn't enjoy as much. There's just so much sauce in it. 

I was able to eat Batil Patong (P75) somewhere else before, didn't enjoyed it that time, but Pancit Center's version was to me an instant favorite. I had the liver removed though, but still, what it lacks in looks makes up for it's flavor. I enjoyed it so much so that I ordered a bilao of this for my birthday last year. When delivered it looked much scarier (the eggs are even scarcer) but once I convinced the guys that it was good, a lot of them appreciated my taste.

We also had Spabok (P640 XL bilao) delivered before, but a lot of my officemates found the combination so weird, most of them didn't appreciate the fusion. As for me, I enjoyed that as well. It's a lot like food adventure, only at the comforts of the office. 

Expect another delivery from me in the future, Pancit Center! 

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