Let's talk Fastfood

If you've seen the ads and the commercial on tv, the looks alone of the Pretzel Burger can make any burger fan drool. And like all good 'ol fashion commercial burgers they all look amazing until they smash your foodgasmic dreams into pieces lovingly served on a plastic tray.

The last time I believed in an advert was with Jollibee's Garlic Pepper Beef. I was too disgusted with it to even take a picture. It was an abomination, my tongue burned with all the msgs they could put in the gravy I could not believe I allowed that on my mouth. And the beef? It doesn't even look anything at all like the photo!! Looks like scraps from real beef if you ask me! From now on I'll just stick with their Spicy Hot Chicken.

Same as with the burgers at... I honestly forgot the fastfood name. They had named it double quarter and when it arrived at our table, it looked closer to two regular patty sandwiches stacked together. We could have just bought 3 Big Macs instead.

One of my irks as well is how I can't help but be disappointed with every serving of Paella. Why do they put it in those mini pans? And it's darn expensive too!! Grr.

And then there are times when you are unprepared on how large it is. Ever tried mud pie at Bubba Gump? How about the Buttermilk Chicken at Kettle? Cheesecake at Gumbo anyone?

My Pretzel Burger is up for 5 minutes so I just sat at my table playing with my phone. And then the burger arrived. Whoa.

It's disturbingly perfect. The buns are perky, the patty exists and the color of vegetables pop out. The taste, however is a different story.

First bite is okay, until you realize that the taste of the bread is overpowering and the individual flavors all at once just doesn't seem right. The spread they've put in kept on squeezing out of my fingers, the patty is a bit dry and the bun kept on being in the way of eating. You know how in large burgers you smash it into how far you can bite? It's a tricky feat in this one because the bun is a bit stiff being pretzel and all. By the end of the meal I imagine I won't be craving the thing in case the "need" arises. I love fastfood in general so yeah, there are alternatives anyway. Maybe I'd stick with those instead. No matter how deformed they look.

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