Recommends: Chicago KTV

If there's one business that would surely hit amongst the throng of offices in the Ortigas area, it has got to be KTV bars (at tie with buffets). I rarely go into one but since we are minutes away from Metrowalk and Home Depot, this had remained our popular destination.

Last Friday we've went to a different KTV, this time at Chicago when one of my officemates suggested it.

Their package is really tempting, a room for 10 people can cost as much as 4k consumable and 350 for time extensions. This is much cheaper than Redbox per person and provides more food options than Music Match where they offer food sets and drinks of choice.

The room is very simple although they've made up for it by adding a lighting feature that follows the beat of the current song. The TV is not even wide screen and they still use songbooks which kind of limits one's search for that elusive song you fail to remember the title.

They also have this photo op thing which may be added to their wall filled with polaroid shots of past customers. It's kinda cute if you ask me. I wonder where ours were?

4k worth of heart attack

Staff are friendly and were easy to talk to. Their restrooms are clean and decent although I would suggest to have their tissues be replaced regularly.

To go there it's just along Meralco Ave, outside the Metrowalk compound. Parking is very limited, you may have to park somewhere else once customers started coming in. No reservations for 10 people below; first come first served.


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