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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Very First Post for The Year 2014

That's disheartening. Seeing that the last post I did was  nothing more than a simple gif, it seemed like I have lost writing into my life. I haven't written anything in months and it does feel like I have abandoned one of my supposedly passions. I know I love writing, but I have gone terribly lazy. And to think I have already made myself close to work (just two MRT stations away).

I think one of the reasons is that my laptop is rarely used anymore, even my iPad gets little attention nowadays. That being, no posts. I have spent my free time to TV, playing with my phone, catching up on my reading and the occasional crafting. I know I have tons to write but I have gone lazy with all my alibis.

So for this New Year, even if I don't believe in resolutions, I will try to make time to write a post each week no matter what it is. As I've intended from the start, blogging is supposed to be my practice to become a better writer. How else will I be able to accomplish my dream novel, right?



  1. You will be fine. Keep your eyes and ears open and you will have something to say that overcomes your malaise.

    1. Haha i love your optimism towards me ed :-)

  2. I sure as heck don't use up my optimism on me,