Blogapalooza 2014 (Part 1)


October is a hectic month for me (every week is an affair) and this is one I haven't had a chance to be in before. It was good enough that the original date was cancelled, long enough for me and my sister to sign up. As said on the ad, you only need to register to qualify for entrance. So with no time to waste, we registered as soon as we can (I even furiously changed my new FB account's link just to sound legit). So I could never be happier when I found out my page on their list:

One of my sisters also signed up and we both get to take a plus one, total of a party of four. We came a bit late, a good trade off since I heard some of the bloggers had a bad time by the entrance earlier but we haven't experienced that at all.

So what is Blogapalooza?

Simply put, it's an event targeting bloggers who would mingle with Businesses. As we all know businesses nowadays are easier to find all thanks to bloggers who review their products and services. Some do it for free (like me if I feel like it) while a lot have already made it their prime source of income. It's a symbiotic event, businesses give out freebies, while bloggers get to write about them. A small "investment"if you may say to advertise who they are.

So in return, here's my write up of the event and the businesses we went to. It will be extremely honest, okay? :-D

First stop is Niu by Vikings

I'm not sure if they just happen to prioritize guests they want to but it took a while for them to notice us. Maybe because the chef they manned on their booth is a chinito, hence the ogling of some, but anyway, we have no idea what's up with Niu or the difference of this and Vikings. Everyone just simply took photos of the sushi they have on the table.

Freebies: None


An electric company, their booth have bladeless fans and varieties of vacuums. I wasn't able to test how their vacuums are like (it won't fit in my unit anyway, probably if I have a huge house) but the bladeless fans are quiet compared to your average electric fan. Maybe it's on the lowest setting though, because I can barely feel air. I imagine it will be easier to clean rather than your standard electric fan.

Freebies: Promotional CD and a brochure. I haven't gotten into opening it yet though.


They showcased appliances as well, but what made it exciting is that they offer security cameras of different likes. It's an amazing product really, the images are clear and crisp.

Freebie: ??


No need for special info, we all know what Max's offers. When we came there they haven't offered chicken though :-P

Freebies: Sign up and get a #PUSO tumbler as posted above.


Have an item you want to purchase abroad but don't have an address there? MyShoppingBox might be your best bet. They provide PO BOX abroad which enables you to receive sort of packages consolidated to one which makes your shipping much easier to handle. On this day, bloggers are promised to be given a special discount for membership. For more details go to

Freebies: Umbrella via playing a game where you throw balls on notches on the wall. I believe more prizes await if you get to pop in all 3 balls. You also get an exclusive discount when you first sign up.


Has been a long household brand, Caronia's products is almost synonymous to nail polish. I haven't had mani for so long already but I remembered Caronia being part of my high school life, first learning how to do nails by myself.

Freebies: Get a bag of Caronia by posting a photo of yourself in SNS with this large Caronia nail polish.

See Part 2

NOTE: All Freebies mentioned are just what we received. If NONE this only meant that no one gave us anything but is not a guarantee that others received none too.

2014 Korean Film Festival @ Megamall (Oct 8 - 12, 2014)

Image courtesy of my sister 

We've seen it in Shang and now more prominent in Megamall. It seems like they're jumping on the bandwagon of Film Festivals and being very accessible it's not surprising that lines are exaggeratedly long, plus, it's Korean. Pinoys love anything Korean does.

I was able to watch 5/7 films, 4 of them after office hours, 1 today. I was really entertained. Arranged below are the movies I was able to enjoy these last 4 days (Saturday doesn't count, we didn't come) and a really quick review.

Hwayi: A Monster Boy

We follow the life of Hwayi (Yeo Jin-goo) who was abducted and later on raised by a gang of ruthless criminals led by Seok-tae (Kim Yun-seok). We also see Yeong-joo (Ji-Eun Lim) a girl in chains who also took part in raising him, serving as his only known mother. Now in high school, Hwayi was put into his first assignment, a client who hired them to finish a couple that halts a construction business. Little did he know that this would totally shook the balance of his known family.

A really heavy movie. What's different from other movies of this kind is that they have this CGI monster that pops up randomly (the boy's ailment if you can call it like that) which I still don't fully get what for. I do know that Hwayi  thinks he's seeing things (the monster in particular) but to me it was something they could just leave out of the entire story line. The back story are really fine, at how they are connected with one another and how our protagonist shows off the skills he have learned from his 5 dads.

Favorite Scene: 
The face off in the dilapidated warehouse (a smart move for our main character).

A Company Man

A hired company man, Ji Hyeong-do (So Ji-sub) was involved in a project that demanded him to kill his associate Ra Hun (Dong Jun ) a young high school dropout who he (Hyeong-do) have become fond of. Ever since the project, he became increasingly different from who he really was in the "company" and started realizing he wants out and live a simple life. 

Other than being handsome, I liked that the story revolved around  and not the supposedly budding romance between Hyeong-do and his childhood crush Yu Mi-yeon (Lee Mi-yeon). I would have liked it that he was able to walk away finally, but hey, it's sort of an open ending for me. He could escape if he want to anyway.

Favorite Scene: 
Opening was good, the small scene where they were eating noodles (last part may have been an adlib too) and the car scene with his co-workers. Throwing Gwon Jong-tae (Kwak Do-won) out of the window was honestly fulfilling too.

My Paparotti

Jang-Ho (Lee Je-hoon), is a member of a gang who was sent to school. He initially despises schooling until he was challenged into honing his skills on becoming a classical musician. He is mentored by Sang-Jin (Han Suk-kyu). Both started off in the wrong foot but eventually found themselves mirroring each other's dreams.

Fine, Je-hoon is an eye-candy.  Lee Jae-yong is really effective being a gang lord (sister says it's a stereotype role for him). The pacing is quick too, they don't dwell too much on drama which is so fine with me. Kang So-ra is also cute and a breath of fresh air with her antics (also have too many of the same roles not being able to sing even if she wanted to). This is one of those movies that effectively shows an inspiring student-teacher relationship some of us could easily relate to and stayed on that track instead of your typical student-teacher and student-student romance. Heartwarming indeed.

Favorite Scene
Just the small ones, most of which the interaction between the teacher and the student.

Man on the Edge

Gwang-Ho (Park Shin-yang) is a part of a gang who in some twist of fate made him see ghosts. He ended up becoming a shaman, giving advice behind a screen curtain in return for money. He is accompanied by the very cute Han Soo-Min  (Yoon Song-Yi) who he fondly calls as chicklet (because of her yellow pajamas, similar to Bruce Lee's) who pops in and out of the story


A heartwarming comedy, the chemistry between Shin-yang and the bubbly Song-Yi is just too irresistible not to like. I'm not a fan of the fighting scene near the end but as a whole, it was peppered with the right comedic timings and lines. Not too cheesy nor melodramatic. Try to watch until the credits. There's a cute little scene there where they reveal a different view of what happened to the newspaper scene.

Favorite Scene
The one in the interrogation room and the flying newspaper.

Hide and Seek

Sung-Soo (Son Hyun-Joo) is living a wonderful life: a good business, a very beautiful high rise house and a loving family until one day he received a call of his missing brother. He was curious in finding out what happened to him and started investigating on his own. Little did he know that his little investigation will result to a much more sinister ending.

This is probably the best of the bunch, a thriller and mystery in one. It's also an experience I would never forget on a cinema. The viewers are literally at the edge of their seats most of the time, screaming and breathless. It's amazing how a thriller movie set in broad daylight can create anxiety effectively.

Favorite Scene
Now that I think about it, I didn't like one scene, I liked them collectively, especially the climax part when started finding out what really happened to his brother. You also notice a pattern that each arc of the story levels up each time. I also liked those small details in the conversation that will make you connect it by the end.

DISCLAIMER: All images used are linked on


I got this on my feed:

I reread the line twice and even up to now while I'm writing this entry I COULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT I'M WRITING. Almost 100k++ phone. I wonder how much tears those socialite wannabes are shedding right now. Thinking how much they need to shell out for a phone they'd probably replace a year or two from now with features that aren't as extraordinary at all.

So anyway, 100k. What to do what do. Here's 2 packages I came up with that is almost equivalent to how much the new Iphone.

(Charity aside of course)

1. Unit Package

6000 php (Mandaue)

3700 php (Mandaue)

24, 998 php (Blims)

12800 php (5 Corners)

22998 php (SB Furniture)

Wallpaper installation

EST 40k++ entire unit (amount based on research)

2. Gadget Galore Package (replace the stuff I own)
20, 700 php (Kimstore)

29, 995 php (Kimstore)

19, 800php (Kimstore)

17,028.47 php (379 USD; Amazon)

8, 999 php (Villman)

3144.65 (69.99 USD; Bestbuy)

332.88 --> Fare & Snacks while shopping :-D

But then there are also other options. For 100k, you can book so many International packages, or more when you do a DIY trip. You can put it in to stocks, or keep it on a TD for an emergency fund or even buy a 2nd hand car. It's ridiculous, really, to spend so much on just one gadget. Just imagine how miserable you'd feel when you'd lose it in just one MRT trip, and how much more you'd get for that kind of money, Good luck deciding!


COMS: Beware the 5 Layer Cake by Lucca (7.27.2014)

We have this surprise cake we planned to give to one of our bosses here at the office. I was assigned to get it and was ok to do so since it's a task I love to do. I also realize I haven't even tried going to Lucca's all this time I've been going to the new Fashion Hall at Megamall so here I am picking it up.

I saw it on display but didn't think too much of it because I'm fixated on the treats they have there too. There's pastries of different kinds, and there's a caramel cupcake that I'm itching to buy. It's just 70 pesos and I think I have enough money on me to do so...

"Be careful, mam, hold it by the base" she said. I wondered why does she have that kind of instruction when she's handing me the gold box of cake but when I picked it up, I was shocked.

Damn girl, you're heavy.

I was carrying it by the base walking from the 5th floor fashion hall to the other side of Megamall nearest to the office. I made one stop at the 5th to adjust my arm and another at the 3rd floor when I decided to eat. It was so heavy my arm is literally shaking while I was putting the spoon to my mouth. I can't even hold my phone to eye level because it was so weakened.

By the time I arrived at the office, I was in sweats, and my breathing is so laborious I felt like I was close to fainting. Thank heavens I didn't.

After all the weight lifting I endured for the day, gleefully I sliced me some when offered. Since it's a tall cake, I decided a slim one would do. Be prepared though when you get one, prepare a really sturdy knife because it's too packed,

Regardless of what office mates say that it was too sweet, for me, I think the overall cake is wonderful. I honestly want the same sized slice now. There's no bitter taste of flour and the frosting is just right. I would love to have one to a party! And this has totally made me want to go back and try their other cakes and pastries. Maybe before I go on a diet.

So  you think I'm just exaggerating? Pre-order one today (not sure if they allow walk ins to buy a whole cake for the day) for evidence. It's just 950 pesos. Try it.

Lucca can be found at the 5th floor of Fashion Hall Megamall, near IMAX. Share your thoughts!

Our Korean Day at Megamall (7.20.2014)


I rarely attend events now where I have to rub a lot of elbows but after a good enough pleading I have gone with my sisters to a Kpop event I don't follow any of it so I have no idea what to expect.

We got there I think almost around lunch time. The line was reminiscent of the ones we had at the LG sale, only this time, THEY WERE ACTUALLY LETTING US IN! We almost missed the very ground floor, just a step or two away but after being judgmental on the people on the queue we were finally in. (Tickets were 190 pesos).

I am no newbie when it comes to conventions and the number of people made my hopes soar high up. I was expecting colorful and fun and lively and ...

Ain't that disappointing. The entire area was bland. There were two stages, both at the ends of the entire hall, a few stalls you would expect, Mogu-Mogu, Bonchon, Melona and Pinoy owned "Korean shops" that sells caps, bags, etc. It was far from my expectations I wonder if majority of the ticket price was just to cover the halls. I mean there are so many things they would added to not have so much space put to waste. Like for instance, Koreans are well known for their makeup and what do we have, Face shop. COME.ON. There are tons of Korean stores in the country! There's Etude, Laneage and Too Good For School to name a few. And as for food. Really? Just Bonchon? Kyochon has just opened downstairs! And has no one invited KCC? What a bore. It's like the meeting board was, hey why won't we charge kids to pay for a hall so we can just let them stay there for a few hours? We can charge 190 for it!

Now the stage on the left was cramped, and badly lit so we didn't stayed for too long. The tiangges on the side of the rightmost stage are also filled with kids wanting to buy some overpriced goody that I would bet most probably be just any random item stamped with their favorite band. It's sad but when you're a fan, regardless of what that is you'd blindly buy one.

So anyways, I've already been out and came back (I'm starting to have headaches due to extreme teenage hormones) just to know what happened to my sisters. So I was at the stage on the right watching what was happening. For some reason, these flock of kids aren't the shy ones in my generation. They were loud and dancing at every song. I could not imagine to witness girls screaming just because they saw their Korean crush on the large screen. I suppose when you're young no matter how many times you've seen someone on TV you'd still be as excited.

Surprisingly I find it hilarious how said kids are excited to be up on stage and just dancing. They'd be requesting songs and didn't need to be told twice JUST TO DANCE. And they were so happy! That's just awesome. Here's a clip:

And also, there's this group who I think was emulating a Korean boyband. It's amazing to know they have fans:

In all fairness they dance better than most "artistas" in this country

This is wonderful. I didn't knew I captured this at the right time until I checked my shots. It's like they're all flying!

A few performances more and I called it a day. We haven't had any proper lunch so I invited my sisters to Kyochon.

Kyochon ---------------------

I was able to eat takeout once from a company meeting and I already know what to expect but wanted to take them just for this whole Korean day thing. I knew it was expensive but damn. It is much harder now since I'm paying for it.

Kimchi rice That was 90++ php. Imagine half rice serving.

We got two flavors, Original and Honey, both small. It's 149 each. Believe me when I say my fingers are much fatter.

Want to know more about your date? Take her here since there is nothing for you to do for almost 20 minutes.

I guess I much prefer the taste here (in comparison with Bonchon) BUT I don't think I would come back though. I mean 600++ for a lunch of 3 and we're not even filled. I did prove a point though. None of my sisters would voluntarily ask me to take them here anymore. 

Click here for the gallery

SNAP: Beauty Brick Hair Color

After our dismay from our last Salon trip somewhere in Ortigas, we have gone back to my favorite salon- Beauty Brick. This time, no perming, no rebonding. Just color.

Again, we have made an appointment a day before. Surprisingly there are more people that early but anyway they've handled us as soon as we came. I do not have a color in mind so I had them follow on the current color I have on. Noticeable is how they use tubes of color (squeezed to the last drop) instead of other salons where they have batches of color in large containers and combined from there. The smell isn't as strong and I liked that they protect your face and eyes unlike some other salons out there (same one in Ortigas). It was also quick, I think we were done before even 11am.

What I also liked about their technique is that my bath the next day does not have chemical residues. I experienced having color applied elsewhere and sometimes it can take up to 3 baths just to get clear water from your hair.

Here's the obligatory photo at the end. It looks so natural :-)

Pricing starts at 2500 (as usual there's a discount for old patrons!)

I'm now in Facebook!

So after all these years I have now finally joined. I remember an old post of mine why I shouldn't. It's funny how still, even weeks later I still stand by with what I listed. So when I gave in, they ask me why and I always say a canned lie answer: it's for gossip. Some tried to convince me that I would be able to reach out to more audiences (blogging), but, meh. I doubt none of them will end up there anyway. As of this writing I want to keep my writing out of those people I see everyday.

Well in a way, gossip is one of the reasons, but mainly my decision was due to a need. For those who are close to my life know how I've took my independence to the next level by getting a place of my own (not renting now) and from the orientation one of the tenants said how helpful the FB page is. I thought I won't need it but then I was curious about things in our building that would be helpful since I'm not exactly too friendly. I also need to know where they got this and that, and anyone who can tell me where to find a carpenter or something.The plan was for me to use a dummy account of my sister's but since it was a CLOSED group, I doubt the administrator would provide access to an account that only had games on it's feed. So yeah, I signed up for a group and not for my friends. I still believe that all the friends I need I can contact on my phone, and if they're really my friends we won't fall out. That's why I don't see the reasoning of getting in touch with your old friends. Being able to see the old ones is sort of ok, but I've lived this far without knowing every tiny bit of their life and I don't care about it right now. I believe the people you have in your life are exactly the people that is meant to be in your chapter for now. But since I've already signed up I thought why not invite them all?

I signed up months ago but didn't have the courage to click the regular email reminder that I confirm the account. When I did though and get to open it for the first time, it took me around 10 minutes for my anxiety to reach it's peak and panicky disabled the account right away. The morning after I tried to open it once more (they say logging in again enables the account again) and finally gave in. The entire day was really fun, not because of FB per se, but the reaction of the people who first saw my name. One of my best friends texted me to verify as soon as he saw it and another one almost tagged me as spam.

For now, I didn't get much gossip as I thought I would, however if there's any good thing from signing up, it's being able to be in the know in our building (a few days later Glenda came so in a way my sign up was vindicated). If only I can hide from people who I don't like...

Lalalaloom Bands!

One of the things a lot of people know about me is that I like crafting. If I was a filthy rich kid with 10 lifetimes worth of riches I would just stay all day and dedicate myself into all the crafts I can put my hands on, name it, I'll do it. Heck, if I had that money I'd buy properties just so I can decorate, I'd put up a business for crafting materials JUST SO I can have a one stop shop of everything I want at an arm's reach, I'd bake all the breads and pastries I can put in an oven, I can start my life long dream of creating a miniature doll house and host dinners of different themes each night.

So anyways, my boss knew this about me so she convinced me with Loom Bands. (see how I segued?) I'm apprehensive about it at first but seeing how my boss gets hers via her nieces, I thought of giving it a shot (and she requests me to do some for her as well). I bought my first kit at NBS (150, same kit is 120 at Divisoria), then another small organizer with bands on it (125, about 90 something at Divisoria as well) and a larger one that costs 2k but retailed at 1k at Divi (which I was really lucky to buy because it was filled to the brim with bands) again. 20 pesos band packs are abound elsewhere but you can get them by grams at 70 each 50 each at Divi too so if you know someone who goes, better go with so you can choose colors.

Loom bands basically forms by putting in bands at a loom to form patterns for bracelets and what have yous without ever gluing anything. All are just supported by each other band and closed by an S clip. 

If you're starting with it, try to familiarize by making a fishtail first. This is probably the easiest of all types:

Then after you've done one, you'd eventually move out to more difficult ones. 

I'm letting this all out, obviously I just copy whatever tutorials abound (you should to!). Some are easy, others frustrating but eventually, once everything is all done, it's amazing to show it off to friends. 

I don't have any of those in my keeping since I give them all out. I wonder how long I can be onto this?

UPDATE: (8.7.14)

When going to Divisoria, since everyone is selling them for 50 php per 50 grams, try to ask nicely to add a tiny bit of gram since you're buying in bulk. In buying monster tail and loom hook&grip (35 each), try to haggle by buying in threes. Unfortunately you need to be a seasoned haggler to get organizers cheaper. Last time we went there the prices shoot up to 250 from the old 170. 

The Lesser Known Pancit Center

On one of our almost yearly attendance at Komikon, Reagan and I saw their Shaw Branch while we were finding our way back to Megamall. It intrigued me so at one time we purposely went to that area just so we can try it out. 

It was a tiny diner, can probably (barely) seat just 20 people. On that particular Saturday no one was around so we had the leisure to choose as long as we want. 

Those are Lechon Carahay (P270). They are expensive in my opinion because the serving is not as much. For that amount you could probably order Pata instead. Anyhow, it's truly crispy. 

Reagan ordered this Pancit Cabagan (P65) which we both didn't enjoy as much. There's just so much sauce in it. 

I was able to eat Batil Patong (P75) somewhere else before, didn't enjoyed it that time, but Pancit Center's version was to me an instant favorite. I had the liver removed though, but still, what it lacks in looks makes up for it's flavor. I enjoyed it so much so that I ordered a bilao of this for my birthday last year. When delivered it looked much scarier (the eggs are even scarcer) but once I convinced the guys that it was good, a lot of them appreciated my taste.

We also had Spabok (P640 XL bilao) delivered before, but a lot of my officemates found the combination so weird, most of them didn't appreciate the fusion. As for me, I enjoyed that as well. It's a lot like food adventure, only at the comforts of the office. 

Expect another delivery from me in the future, Pancit Center! 

TME: My Las Pinas (Moonwalk-BF Resort) Mini Fieldtrip (1.25.2014)

I got one of my wishes early this year by finally getting my long standing request of visiting the hometown of my bf. He showed me around, introduced me to his sister and one of their dogs and have finally seen their house. Unfortunately I wasn't able to meet her mom that time because we have missed her twice on different locations. More on that later.

It was a Saturday noon, around 4 o'clock. We got an Alabang Bus and arrived at Moonwalk past 5 pm. Our first stop was Nature Church. It had high walls but you can already see by the facade it has a tall tree and even hear faint sounds of birds.

When I saw the actual church I was blown away. It's a really large Bahay Kubo, it doesn't have walls and the chairs are tree stumps. The lighting looked like birds circling the entire roof. It was just beautiful! I bet it would be more amazing at night. The place is also huge: there's a chapel, a reception area (there's an ongoing event) and a small cemetery. We tried to stay for awhile to wait for my boyfriend's mom (she attends at 6) but after a while, we unanimously decided to go ahead to their house and meet her (and his sister) there.

We strolled, which probably took much time because we just missed her mom when we arrived at their house. I was finally able to meet her ever smiling sister together with one of their dogs, who funnily shied away when she saw me. We stayed there for awhile (snapped a photo of his in high school, it was so cute!) and left to resume the field trip.

We then went to BF Resort and he took me to see the other church they go to because it was nearer their house. Going there, small coffee shops and restaurants abound. I could only hope that to be the case in our own subdivision.

Kat's Cafe

 A small coffee shop he recommended having really good matcha. I bought us cream puffs which was surprisingly not sold in a box of 6, rather by 5s and 12s. They have two 'flavors' nutella and caramel, bearing different prices however, I wasn't able to taste any difference. I was hoping that the flavor was beyond the wavy design on top. It's 270 for a box of  5,  caramel and another box of nutella. They allowed my request to mix those in their two boxes (one for me to take home and another for bf and family).

I tried to salvage the design of the cupcake. I swear it's much more presentable when I bought it!

On the other end of the building is an extension of Kat's, serving drinks, sandwiches and cupcakes. I just bought one this time, midnight cupcake was the name I remembered. It was just too sweet and the crunchy ball which I thought was Ferrero (it wasn't) had a taste I'm not sure what. It was fragrant though. I might have to have bf buy me different flavors to be certain. I was barely able to take it safely home though since the box kept on opening up.

There's already a handful of restaurants here but it doesn't end there. He took me in another area (just a few steps out of the village, but from Kat's we needed a tricycle) and yet there were more, and this was also our last stop for the night.

Crave's Burger

Reagan is a pizza guy, while I'm more for burger. So he had this idea to treat me to a burger shop I haven't tried before: Crave's.

In eating large burgers, I tend to flatten the burger to fit into my mouth and my hands. Reagan followed suit (although he recommended having forks and knives first). The taste was just okay, but I was a bit disappointed with the patty. It might have been because I smashed the burger flat but then other burgers don't break apart from my experience. Plus, I'm not impressed with the quality of the bread which is not as sturdy as it should. This then made it harder to eat and messier to boot. But with the price though, I might just as well go to Chili's instead.