Da Vinci Exhibit @ Mind Museum (9.21.2013)

I have no idea why there's two exhibits of Da Vinci this quarter (one at MoA and another at Mind Museum) but we chose to go to MM instead as we haven't been there lately.

We got there a bit late so a full package of a day pass w/ Mind Museum access is not option. We've been inside as well so I don't think we are missing anything. So anyways we got in, and even if the exhibit have been running for quite a while now, there are still a lot of people in.

The exhibit features replicas of Da Vinci's works- ranging from his inventions to his artworks. And unlike most exhibits a lot of the replicas on display are okay to play with.

They also have a 1 hr presentation (looks like it came from History Channel, I'm super sure I've heard that narrator elsewhere) which runs every hour so you may want to catch that to sit a bit. When we came in some chose not to stay but I didn't regret the hour.

For the price of 250, don't expect to see original works, some are even a smaller versions of the original. Heck even the Last Supper is just a projection! But trust me that although none of which are the actual works of Da Vinci, it is still quite impressive and are presented nicely.

The exhibit runs for 3 months and if you have more time to spare, go get the full package. It's entertaining and informative at the same time.

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