Le Cupcake Directory

Even though I have a hard time losing excess weight, I can't help but be enticed with any sweet shop I can find. This blog post will forever be updated (unless it goes too long) with the ever growing list of cupcake shops you may want to check out.

1. J. Cuppacakes

Offers a variety of cupcakes and muffins with flavors and designs that are hard to resist. My favorites would have to be Boston Creme and Peanut Butter. Pricing is around 50 php above a piece.

2. Cupcakes by Sonja

Innovation is not much in my opinion BUT they set the bar high on how they make their version of known cupcake flavors. Price is a bit steep going as much as 95 php above so you may have to decide which flavor you would spend that lunch money on. BTW, their Pistachio is amazing.

3. SugarCakes

In front of Tony Moly, this new cupcake contender caught my attention when we went out for lunch. It took a long time though, for me to give in (I have this weird yo yo diet which is practically eating a lot and going guilty after). Prices are 80+

Most of their cakes have flavors that are rampant amongst cupcake makers but the only new one I've seen so far with Blue Velvet. So I got that and their Banana Walnut.

You'd probably notice the wooden spoon if you're paying attention. Unlike most cupcakes where you have to dress it down, this involves you digging in. The bread itself is quite dry so that thick layer of icing on top is in my experience best utilized by mashing it with the bread. Whoala. It's finally amazing to eat. Although with this kind of price though, I may have really good reasons why I'd buy from them again.

4. Khay's Cupcakes

Newly opened at Ayala The District, we got in as soon as I saw it open. We took out our orders (our father is already waiting) and unfortunately the red velvet (for some reason) tumbled out of it's place and was ruined. Pricing is 70 up. They also offer drinks and meals.

I was only able to finish two: the (Banana?) Nutella cupcake that didn't taste anything like Nutella and the Chocolate Compote which is Frosting Queen for all I know. It was too much on top and the actual cake is missing in action. That's how thick the Frosting was.

I haven't lost hope for them yet. Maybe next Sunday I will try new flavors.

Side note: Oh hey, new updates! :-D

5. Wicked by Cravings

This is at the Shangri-la new wing, just in front of Kettle.

The flavors are intense. Will be back for more. And I love that they have mini cupcakes so you can try tons of flavors at one time.