TME: Getting a Student Driver's LIcense (7.26.13)

This is it! I've finally initiated to get a Student Driver's License after a long long long time of procrastinating. We decided to do it on a Friday, on our lunch time. Here's the steps we undertook:

1. At Window 1 we asked for a form to be filled up.

2. Our filled forms are passed to Window 1. I mistook signing on the bottom left part of the form to which (luckily) the guy at the counter was in good mood to simply white corrected the error and didn't get cross. I think the smiling worked because he was half serious half smiley at me telling me to stop being giggly on apologizing and not mess up again.

3. Window 2 called us and incriminated what we wrote, to the conversion of our height and weight, up to our addresses. Again, another mishap, I wrote the Street of our house first before the numbers. The guy on this counter is also friendly, although for a moment there I felt how condescending he was in "interrogating" us. We were given a piece of paper of where to go next, but only after we were called.

4. Photo was next, the same guy from #3. It was another quick step and waited for a few minutes for step 5.

5. Payment, costs 317.63 (although you can't possibly give exact 63 cents so you have to shell out 318. I wonder where the 37 cents went*). This is also the window that gives you your receipt and the student driver's license.

The entire stage only took less than an hour, (our taxi ride back to work took even longer) and if you have someone with you, you won't even notice the time.

For those who wanted to get their license at LTO Pasig, just hail a taxi to Ynares Gym (or if you wish you can commute, but I've no idea how), have it drop you off inside LTO grounds and you're set.

Don't forget to:

a.) Bring a photocopy of an ID with your Birthday. Not sure if other IDs are allowed, but to be safe, bring along a Government ID.
b.) Bring PHP 318
c.) Bring your TIN number
d.) Know your height and weight in CM. They do allow other conversions but you really must know those stats because you'll never know how the guy on the counter will react with that not filled up.
e.) Pen

Now off to driving classes this Monday yay!

You don't expect me to put my details here don't you? :-D

Just a quick thought: If they process 10 (a very conservative approximation) student licenses everyday a month (let's assume 365 days) so it's .37 * 10 * 365 = 1350.5. I wonder how they close their books if they have this not accounted for. Hmm...

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