TIB: Tell a Pinoy He's Cunning And He'd Thank You For The Compliment

I was eating my dinner late in the night when I saw the news how the tickets for Lebron's tour were finally released. I remembered reading an article last Monday and was not surprised that the line have expounded greatly. On said news, they've interviewed people in different forms of life. Some didn't go to work/school while some even came from faraway provinces just to queue for a ticket that would make them see Lebron for free. Yes, for free. I remembered how the pre-game earlier this year was filled with complaints on the pricing so getting a chance to see a celebrity basketball player FOR FREE would obviously rake in multitudes. I kind of felt happy for them, to each is for his own, until by the end of the news, they've screen grabbed advertisements online of how those said FREE tickets are now sold for 2500, to 10.000 for 4 tickets. I wanted to throw my dinner at the tv at that point.

What?!! Are you effing kidding me? If someone posts free tickets for someone I don't really care I won't bother waiting in line for hours. And it won't even cross my mind selling it, no, no not because I'm not 'clever' but because I respect the people who gave this opportunity to me. The problem with Pinoys is you give them a hand and they want the entire arm! Argh!

Why are my fellow Pinoys like this? You only show how uncivilized you guys are! Seesh. Do you even have morals left?

Do you remember Mattel and Intel? Do you even have any idea how THEY used to have factories here? Do you know one of the reasons why they left? It's because in spite of having really good benefits for their FILIPINO employees, said employees steals from their employers. They steal Barbies in parts, assemble them out of the factory and sell for their profit. And my mom being in Intel even before I was born saw how those new employees somehow being in the workforce "really early" getting 4 stories high houses in a span of year. We also used to have free internet access courtesy of Intel, only being slashed off of the benefit because her clever "officemates" used the privilege by turning their houses into computer shops. In my head, you are all thieves.

I wish Lebron cancels his tour here in Manila. I really do. There's nothing good about being sly especially if it's just for your own profit. Think of all the real fans who wanted to see them but wasn't able to because you are engulfed by greed. I wish the money you get is worth it because it's really embarrassing. I hope there won't be any free ticket anymore. And I hope whatever money you are getting from those tickets be put into something really important. If not, well, shame on you. Karma's just around the corner anyway. Goodluck!

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  1. Not surprised. Scalpers are anywhere there is supply and demand .