TH: JNBM Paper Clay Art

Been to Franchise Expo and was enticed by this Paper Clay Art. For those who know me personally, I truly enjoy handicrafts. I've seen a sister of mine having a similar project back in school and wanted to try it on my own.

Paper Clay Art involves colored mashed paper where you apply on a design (white space) through the use of sticks. It ought to stick on the board with proper application for as long as it's moist.

It was easy to do but became tricky when the pattern started to be so tiny to apply paper clay. I was able to do a lot for 2 days after that and took longer for the finishing touches.

Here's my finished product after a week (not a full week, some days I don't work on it)

For more of these, visit their branch at GF of Market! Market! You can also visit their Facebook page here.


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