COMS: Chewables at Gavino's

Inspite of not getting much exercise lately, I had the most convenient alibi the other day to be ever be in Mega B. They were almost out of donuts so I just bought any random flavor available.

My first bite was a nutty chocolate donut and it was a surprising experience. It was really chewy as advertised. What I love as well is that it doesn't taste like I would have any diabetes as the end of a piece.

The shape is also a trademark that you would not see on our most mainstream brands. This, however, may also be their folly because for the price ranging from 20+ above, you may feel tricked in eating less for the price.

Another issue that I find unreasonable is that you won't have a specific price point because donuts vary in price so my half dozen of 205php may be different from yours. They may eventually give in in the future, but for now, enjoy the chewable donuts (omg they have red velvet!!) while the line isn't as epic yet.

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