Crepe-y date at Cafe Breton (6.12.13)

We've always wanted to visit Cafe Breton but we never really have the chance. That moment came after watching Man Of Steel. We head on to a cafe that may be filled with patrons, but a quarter of chaos compared to popular cafes.

Due to the number of people, it took them a few minutes before giving us the menu, getting our orders, serving them and billing us.

The nutella crepe (220) was perfect in my tongue. It wasn't disgustingly sweet nor bland. Reagan had peach that has hints of alcohol as he claims though i could not confirm when he gave me a bite. The strawberry shake is also perfect, you know you're drinking strawberry and not 'just hints of'

We have not tried sandwiches but I assume the quality of the food we tasted would be the same with their other menu items. I hope we can try those someday! And oh, before I forget, all crepes are for sharing. It just so happened we're ravenous eaters haha!

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