Concerts: Off to Wanderland (5.19.2013)

Do you know what's amazing at this concert? It's the first musical festival here yay!

We all know about Coachella and Woodstock and most of us don't really buy those so called Pinoy Rock Concert fests because of the heat, sweat and unnecessary touching of people but now is an exception. My bf loves music so much that we wouldn't miss this one for the world for one reason: Temper Trap. I've only known of the band from him and obviously they're the only band we bought the ticket for. Save for Neon Trees, which is best recalled by their song The Animal.

The schedule for Temper Trap was not until 11 so we had a whole day ahead. We had buffet at Alba's, went to Crescendo Fairview to join their Aerosmith raffle (BTW my bf won an Epiphone) and back to Ayala. It also took us some time to find this so called Globe Circuit and when we finally arrived, Nada Surf was on. We roamed around, waited in a long queue at Shawarma Bros, ran back to the VIP area for Neon Trees, ran back to the now shorter line at Shawarma Bros., ate our dinner then ran back again when suddenly the main guys are on. 

I thought that the event would be a flop because the Philippines isn't really a good venue for non mainstream acts so it surprised me how huge the crowd got. And the most amazing thing about this is that we're surrounded by rich kids who don't care about their belongings lying around, wearing tiny pieces of clothing I could only see on TV. I was joking my bf how I might be in my undies the next time a festival comes :-P. Even the sponsors don't come cheap, Havaianas, Gap, Ray Ban to name a few. The parking is even packed!

Neon Trees

They're fun on stage and are extremely energetic. Their vocalist is also fond of throwing things away so much that it came to thought how he might end up naked in the end (didn't happen don't worry). Everyone seemed to have been infected by this that by the time they sang The Animal, the crowd went in a frenzy.

Temper Trap

If Neon Trees made people wild, Temper Trap, in my opinion made the crowd tame. It wasn't a bad thing as you can see people so drawn to the band it's like as if no sound other than theirs can be taken in at the same time while they're playing. I remembered how the girls in front of me sang with them but with a sense of concentration. And I realized how their vocalist was such a perfectionist that one time they have to stop a song because the bass wasn't right. And to his annoyance, the last song had an overly long intro because they can't make the 'delay' work. Fine you got me, I've no idea what a delay is. BUT, since le bf  is a fan, and have developed ears unlike mine, he already caught what was going on. We reckon they might have sang more in their set if only technical difficulties stopped coming. 

Even if we haven't spent the entire day on the grounds, it's obvious that these type of fests deserve attention to audiences who are tired of listening to whatever sponsored radio airplay feeds us. I've visited their website just now and Wanderland 2014 is already in the wraps. I hope Temper Trap is there again. And maybe, just maybe they'd be able to perform more.