The Cordillera Road Trip: EP13: Lemon Pie House: A Construction Worker's Dream

Our tour guide have already left us and we are late for lunch. We are so hungry that we don't really need to look for more choices as we head on to Lemon Pie House.

Lunch goers have already found their way out of the restaurant so we still have to wait for them to cook rice. Initially we just want to eat lemon pies but seeing how their meal plates are so humungous, it made us drool more.

From what my sister saw on tv, Drew said that he much rather prefer egg pie than lemon pie (both were served) so while my other sister and my father chose both lemon pies, me and my youngest sister ordered a lemon and an egg pie for us to share equally.

Egg Pie

 Lemon Pie

Both are really good and the slightly sour taste of lemon pie is loveable too! Find the prices here below:

I ordered Chicken Curry and at one look, it does look like chopseuy:

For 130 pesos this is more than I could ever eat for lunch!!! The serving of the viand is too much that if you're leaning as a light eater this is a nightmare. The vegetables are fresh but it doesn't taste like curry that I know of (or it's just a light curry version). I think my stomach as it's most after this :-P. Surely any construction worker in need of nourishment may enjoy this type of meal--- extra rice please!