The Cordillera Road Trip: EP10: Mountain Hotel & Restaurant

The ride from Banaue to Bontoc is a long exhausting drive especially if you're the driver. For 2 hours you'd be subjected to numerous curves and long trails of solace. The stretch and remoteness of the drive adds to the very reason why most take this road in mornings. With that in mind, if you drive on your own you can imagine for a long time be the only person left on earth. Kinda scary.

We didn't bother getting any breakfast at Banaue because we were in a hurry. If you're following the episodes of this road trip you will even notice how I don't have a photo of the iconic 1000 peso bill Banaue Rice Terraces. We saw it alright but we chose to commit it into memory for now :-D

The first restaurant we saw didn't offer rice so we went to Mountain Hotel & Restaurant. It is near a community center where you can ask for directions and maps, next to it is a gas station. We had 500 php worth of gas which my father estimates to get us to and fro Sagada THEN back to Bontoc, down to Baguio. More on that later.

A simple eatery, they offer different budget breakfast meals that will fill your tummies. I had a Longsilog (55php) which is the safest I could get. I'm not really sure what they can serve if I order unprocessed meats (I'm not even going to mention 'that meat') so this is a no brainer. 

Their longganisa is flavorful and the mountain rice they served us is amazing. I love it more than brown rice because of how it felt a bit course in the mouth. 

Tip: If you hate coffee like me, they can always serve milo :-D \


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