The Cordillera Road Trip: EP06: Spring Village Inn: Finally, a bed!

When we planned our trip I never imagined we would need somewhere to stay in Banaue. I did inquire for Sagada hotels, and this is quite misleading because Banaue is a bit far from Sagada proper so if it's your first time going up to Sagada, make yourself a favor and reserve a room in Banaue if you're going to visit Banaue and vice versa.

There's only a handful of inns in Banaue and primarily because tourists are much more concentrated in Sagada. Most of the time, inns here cater to travellers who just needed somewhere to spend for the night.

Perhaps one of the rare things you could ever find here up in the mountains is parking. There are few cheaper inns but we chose to stay in Spring Village Inn because they have ample parking that will make us comfortably sleeping in the night :-D

The room they gave us have two beds and a hot shower. We even have a balcony that overlooks the Cordilleras. The price of the room (2k) makes up for the earlier inn we went to (price 1700, forgot the name) because of the space they offer, plus we are all in the same room unlike said earlier inn.

Because everyone has more than one gadget on them, it is really handy that my sister brought an extension cord. Everyone needed the recharge which we highly utilized on this stop :-P

Tip: Road tripping? Don't forget bringing a multiple socket extension cord.

Even though cold, habits do die hard when we all had our night showers before retiring. I was freezing when I was done that I dried myself in a hurry as I went out of the hot shower.

No aircon, not even an electric fan yet we are freezing! Even if they don't have comforters in the beds, the wool like blankets surely does the trick in keeping body heat.

What to Like

Shower Heater

What not to

No breakfast (like most inns do)
No cabinet
Steep, 2k per night (or 500 each person)
No toiletries

Spring Village In
Banaue, Ifugao 3601, Philippines 

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