The Cordillera Road Trip: EP05: Banaue Hotel : Stop over for Dinner

From the Banaue Museum, we asked if there is anywhere we can go that is within range. You see, what most bloggers don't tell you is that Banaue is filled with places to go: hotsprings and treks and old villages that I hate it that I didn't know earlier or we would have set the roadtrip earlier so we would have gone.

Anyway, the curator said that Banaue Hotel is just around the corner and we can have our dinner there. So we did and sure enough this is the only hotel in the area that has much space for cars to park, and enough space for more rooms than other inns.

The reason why we didn't booked here is well, you guessed it, it's because of the price. It's just too much for a stop over.

Before dinner, we went around, which is okay even if you're not a guest and were able to spot their souvenir shop. We didn't get to see their so called village, we only saw one Igorot house and that was it. I was able to buy myself a bag from the shop as souvenir for myself.

The Dinner

There was a buffet but based from our experience at Fort Ilocandia and what we see, it is not an option. There's just tons of viands one can eat in a day and this simply does not look like the buffet I know where we have choices of various cuisines at a time. Also, the entire day was amiss with real food so we ordered food concentrated on vegetables:

It was not disappointing at all because everything was fresh and crunchy and flavorful. It also intrigued me that they have cakes here so I ordered one:

No icing, not much chocolate. It's leaning more to a bread. It's a bit crumbly too. It was a bit hard finishing this but this will do for my dessert. Not too sweet.

Total Bill: 643