The Cordillera Road Trip: EP03: Last Two Stops Before Banaue (March 27,2013)

More trees.

And houses.

After 2 hours, my sisters have to do a number 1. We figured it will be another long drive so they went out to the last gas station of the day. I've already spent 1500 earlier and we filled now with 500. We're using diesel so we have a much cheaper option.

By 2 pm we reached a cute gas station. You will never miss it as it has a really distinct decor.

The Safari Adventure (Gas) Station

Kids will surely enjoy this place! It's refreshing to see a quirky station out of all the monotony of the day. And what do you think about that Mr. Bean right there? Kinda cool don't you think? For as long as it's the morning anyway. I would totally freak out seeing that in the middle of the night. Just look at those eyes boring in your brain. Eee!!!

Unnamed View Point

I might have missed if there were any signs to declare the name of the view point it but we stopped for this special place anyway. It overlooks the turn to Banaue and the lighting at this moment was too darn perfect to pass.

What's amazing is that an officemate of mine who have been here earlier shown me the exact same photo that he took during their trip. I was so excited seeing it in someone else's photo. Too bad I never learned the name of this place.

About 30 mins later, we have now reached our destination for the day, Banaue.


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