Living Independently: EP03 The Gym

I am the last person you would find in a gym but since the bf is on that phase again, I have no more reasons why I shouldn't go. For instance, the gym is not even more than 5 minutes away from where I am and the time that I have is enough for a 30 minute session.


I went on a Sunday on the gym and an instructor walked me around the area. A minute later I was now a member for 2 months. There's no issue if I get the 12 month membership (prices go down per month, the higher the number of months you get) but I figured I need to be realistic in my goals.

First day

Was a bummer. I went on the connection at 6, see it closed, then went there 30 minutes later. It was a fail!! Later I realized there is another way to the gym which I will try the next morning.

The Real First Day

I went there a bit late, around 630 I think and there were now a lot of people in the cardio area. I was hoping to use the treadmill but the units are all taken. So the guy assisted me to a stepper or what's it called and started working out.

I forgot to drink water and was getting dry on the lips but thought I'd just suck it up for later. I looked at the cars outside, tried stepping according to the music I'm currently hearing. I didn't bring any gadget along in fear of losing it so I'm stuck with what's on their sound system. I looked left, right, noticed every tiny bit there is. My legs are now tired and I'm getting bored already. And seeing how long that might have been, I clicked the 'Time Duration' button and I almost fainted. It was just 8 minutes!!!!

I looked over at the tread mill area and I thought of the misery I'm now into. It was my fault I came there late so there is practically no one to blame but myself. I tried to think of other things, like life's purpose, or what I should write next and what do you know? I lasted 20 minutes!

By then when the group went off of the tread all units are now ready for me yay! I tried to contain my excitement and a minute or two later I asked for assistance on how to use it. 10 minutes (my plan is to work out for just 30 mins a day since I still have to to go work)  later I was adamant into leaving because the tread and I just fell in love! I never noticed my time, I was sweating but I didn't get bored yey!

The next thing I did was silly though. It was my first time on a tread mill but what I did was run off, yes I did and felt almost fainting. Unless someone is watching me no one noticed (thank heavens) but I almost got dizzy in an instant. I recovered by standing in place and walking extremely slow.

The next next day

I was really early woohoo!! I get to pick a tread and my entire run was awesome. I never noticed the time and I the after cool down (after 30 mins there's a cool down of 5 minutes) in place before actually leaving the unit. I felt the same dizzy feeling as before the moment it stopped but I was now ready to 'return' myself to normal by doing a few exercises in place. Cool.

The next next next day

So it has been a trend of going to the gym every other day (I still slack a bit haha) and seeing that I've never been to the gym on said morning, I planned to do Zumba that night. I kind of know that I will have a hard time keeping up 'exercising' and I believe that dancing is one way to stop the head from thinking anything. But because of hectic schedules, the Zumba classes is not really something I CAN do everyday. I would love to, but I can't especially that I have tons of tasks at work.

However, last Friday was an opportunity for me to try it out.The first time the instructor walked in everyone automatically switched to dance mode, following whatever steps the instructor was doing. I have never danced for a long long time so it was kind of hard to pick up a few steps. I really feel like a newbie but it was so much fun! I didn't notice the time, and best of all I was sweating like crazy! Can't wait to fully experience this when I'm super available :-D