Living Independently: EP02 Water and Laundry


Living alone may have the perks of providing for just one person but then it also entails that I don't have anyone to help me with. I am quite comfortable with this bubble that I live in so going out in search of what's out there alone is not my forte. I was told by the owner that the water station is just on the building and it was easy to spot. In fact, I just turned a corner and was lucky to find it the first time. I paid eagerly (the guy at the counter immediately realized I'm new since I paid already) and waited till he came to my unit. 

When he came and delivered the blue containers, I was more than ecstatic finally getting something to drink.


Involved rather a much needed effort. I went out walking and strained my eyes hoping to spot it without giving away how new I am to the area. There may be comfort in a crowd (there are a lot of tricycle drivers and pedestrians around) but in that same crowd who knows what type of people lurks. And just before I reach the corner here it was the laundry I'm supposed to go to. Lovely. 


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