International Breakfast Day with Mcdonalds (03.18.13)

Not exactly with (because I had it for take out), but my breakfast was courtesy of Mcdonalds today and it's almost free! Almost because I added hot choco to go (35).

While I was walking though, I noticed that my hot chocolate is so light :-( It's as if it's only half full. To think I paid good money for it :-(.

What's more, look at the mcmuffin I got for free below:

Was it always ham though? I think the reason why I loved mcmuffin is because they serve it with a dried patty in the middle (no I'm not being sarcastic, I seriously love the combination!!) . What's more, look how burnt the bread is :-(. The paper it came with was stuck on the bread too so one half of the mcmuffin was torn off even before I was able to eat it. Oh sigh. Beggars can't be choosers though. It was like Russian roulette anyway. Better luck next time for me!

So, Mcdonalds, Thanks for the free Mcmuffin!! :-D