Brasas: The Way To A Man's Heart/Stomach

So one of my office mates invited us to dinner yesterday at Brasas and I was highly impressed with the food we had. That night, I invited my boyfriend to try it out. It was not hard to convince him at all, so we planned right away for a date. The original plan didn't push through though-- watch a movie before lunch because we didn't make it so we had lunch first.

Served drinks are Guarapo (80) and Latin Iced Tea (60). Guarapo is that sugar cane goodness in a cup which I recommend for the experience of drinking sugar cane that is sweet but not much. Their iced tea doesn't taste powdery and what's more, no after taste, ma!

Since I came here yesterday, I still have not enough of their Carne Asada Fries (120). We got that and it still does not disappoint. The sauce and meat are plentiful that one order can kick start your taste buds to Latin American food. It's like eating burrito with fries and still delicious!

I got Lomo Saltado (260) because the other platter was already sold out. The meat strips with onions are mild to the tongue and the rice that came with it is the best partner for it because it's not too bland or too much.

Main dish for the boyfriend was Puerco Asado (240) which was also what I had for yesterday's dinner. The moment I tasted it I know any guy would love it! Truly enough, his reaction on his first bite was priceless! He hugged me out of happiness! The pork was so soft and tasty I doubt anyone would not like it. The rice and beans are also the best complement of the meat that I fell in love with the entire dish. I was adamant at first because of how 'black it looks but every spoonful is just heavenly.

So, shall we be a repeat customer? Well, just so you know, my bf is asking for a loyalty card already.

Omake: Yesterday we also had their salad and it was also good. Although, obviously, you should be aware that this is Brasas so if you are on starvation mode, this place is not for you :-D