TME: The ABCs of the New EDSA Bus Scheme

So it's been days since the implementation of the new bus route scheme in EDSA. A lot of people hate it but I maybe one of those who agree to this. It does add to the confusion but don't we all have a time to adapt to this?

It must be my fault that I was not aware of it up until the last minute but to me this is a good news. Here are a lot of pros I love about the scheme:

1. I come from Cavite every single day of work and a bus not stopping on a particular bus stop deters more passengers which result to more chairs available for me in the morning. 

2. Less stops means you arrive earlier too. For example, I can take Bus A and skip Ayala which is seriously filled with so much bus not to mention there's a dreaded intersection too.

3. Less congestion in one particular stop which translates to less noise and air pollution while waiting.

As part of the campaign, we were given flyers on which bus goes where. Here's a copy:

 I keep a copy in my wallet just in case :-)

Like any new innovation, a person who is so used to something, more or less abhors change. They are the ones who hate to adapt to what is new, and would not be talked of sense. This new scheme is no exception, but hey, everyone who has traveled elsewhere has to adapt to traffic rules, right? Why are we an exception? I hope this goes permanent! And can they do that to MRT as well? I rarely go by train but it will surely lessen the number of people by coach AND it means the train will be more efficient because for it to work they need a time table to follow. More discipline is always good!


  1. When you ride bus B you'll definitely pass by Ayala.. :)

    1. facepalm! silly me. will update that next time haha!! thanks dude :-)