TFT: Things You Would Not Like To See Out of Your Cabin Window

In line with my first trip abroad and first time flyer, my mind was filled with different thoughts. For one, unlike when you are on land, you always have the option to just get off when you want to, especially in an emergency. When you're in a plane however, you are forced to accept the reality that there is only one option. Down. But other than that, there are also things that you would dread seeing out in your cabin window because for sure, you are so doomed.

5. Sky scraper

4. Your captain (and crew) with parachutes on.

3. Missing wing

2. Another plane approaching towards you

1. The Depth of an Ocean

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  1. There is that episode of Twilight Zone with William Shatner

  2. was that the old tz (black and white) or the newer one? please don't tell me its' b&w he'd be too old