Hongkong EP14 Siopao at Green Tree Inn

My family only gets 1 room unlike the 5membered-family with 2 rooms. Both are given too far apart. They wanted to change rooms with us but my mom declined. What's more something odd just happened to our room.

Charades with the Manager

The door of our bath was locked, well it wasn't at first but then when my sister closed it shut, it came on locked. Probably the safety was ready that time and no one noticed. She hurriedly went downstairs (she have to take the blame since she's the one who closed the door in full and accidentally locking it from the inside) and asked for a key.

What came instead was the manager who she claimed could not understand her plain english and her charades. We motioned the locked bathroom door and I was surprised that instead of getting the key he was actually picking the lock! But after a few futile attempts he also gave in, fetched a key from somewhere and finally unlocking it. Again, I don't think he have noticed our thank yous.

The actual room

Was quite small. The beds are too near the TV table and nothing much for the view. What's more is that we can't seem to make the aircon work and it was a bit hot when we woke up. 

Sorry we've already ruined the beds before I was able to take pictures

The bath had the same all around dispenser of shampoo, conditioner and body wash as it was on our previous stay. This is so convenient for big families since we won't have to worry running out of soap. I wonder how much we're saving by staying here but you can really see why this is a part of a budget package. Not complaining much, but it would have been nice if the aircon was more cooperative :-D

Siopao for breakfast??

We slept early and was out of the room even before our designated time for breakfast (around 8am) so we get to have our food early on the dining area.

I wonder how it was possible that they're also serving rice but there is no way I will get some after seeing the offering. There are actually a lot of siopao varieties available I began to be suspicious on the differences. I did pack up on carbs so I won't get hungry for the rest of the day, but never went back for more. 

I also find it odd that water is not served. There's coffee and probably tea but the Chinese signs on kettles with undistinguishable color I rather not take risk. I tried asking for one and what's surprising is she handed me hot water. I simply took it for the effort she made of getting it from the kitchen. 

After breakfast, I tried to buy water from 711 but contrary to what Ms. Lisa said, they didn't accept my HKD. Guess there will be no water drinking for the rest of the day then!

Ms. Lisa and the driver arrived around 9, we were checked out and we were off to the City Tour.