Hongkong EP13 Shenzhen First Impressions

Sometimes thinking so much would cause you...

The instruction was, once you see which platform the train is supposed to board on what location, (there are two stations at the very end) you simply have to follow the time. Which we did but the father of the other family kept insisting that the train that came was not the train we should catch. We girls (he's the only guy on our group) were insisting this was really our train but he kept on looking at the new schedule. In the end he gave in and we all went in for the 45min long ride.

Immigration again

We have not filled in those immigration forms that all 3 of us were held up on immigration to fill those out. When we were writing (few foreigners that time) a girl of probably European descent was near in tears asking for a pen (she hasn't prepared her forms too) saying she have to catch a meeting that is just a few minutes away.

I wonder whatever happened to her because when we stepped out of the border she was still at the immigration.

It's a lot like Manila...

Contrary to HK, going out into Shenzhen felt a lot like Quiapo with less people. The overpass we used have old steps and faint overhead lights that it made me a bit scared. It's even late at night and stories of Mr. Lee about pickpockets made me worry more. The difference between borders is so hard not to miss. Well lighted areas is one.

What topped it off is how when we were in HK, all coaches were new while the van we used are kind of old and resembles our shuttles here in the Phils.

The ride to our hotel was a chance to observe China and it was not jaw dropping as it was when in HK. The stores and roads are modest at most. If it weren't the signs, you would not believe you are somewhere in Manila.

I have read how tour guides/hotel keep tourists' passports but this time we got ours due to the insistence of the father of the family we're with. I wonder why there's a need for this though, because communication is extremely hard that going TNT is not a sane option. Also to note is that the sim I was using suddenly changed networks and become Chinese. I was not able to call Mr. Lee because of this.

My family only gets 1 room unlike the 5membered-family with 2 rooms. Both are given too far apart. They wanted to change rooms with us but my mom declined. What's more something odd just happened to our room.

Charades with the Manager

The door of our bath was locked, well it wasn't at first but then when my sister closed it shut, it came on locked. Probably the safety was ready that time and no one noticed. She hurriedly went downstairs (she have to take the blame since she's the one who closed the door in full and accidentally locking it from the inside) and asked for a key.

What came instead was the manager who she claimed could not understand her plain english and her charades. We motioned the locked bathroom door and I was surprised that instead of getting the key he was actually picking the lock! But after a few futile attempts he also gave in, fetched a key from somewhere and finally unlocking it. Again, I don't think he have noticed our thank yous.


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