Hongkong: EP10 Pacman & Jewelry Factory Outlet

Our entire group was ushered in to their orientation room where someone (I forgot her name) discussed to us the process of creating jewelry and their award winning designs. At that point it felt like it was some ambush of sorts and if it weren't for the entire group going, I might have been hysterical.

In that same room they also have a wall dedicated to popular people who frequent their store, one of which was Pacman. She said he has been a regular customer ever since he was still a nobody up to the time he can basically afford anything. I doubt though that he (Pacman) was 'that' poor because no one goes to HK just to buy jewelry and not able to afford something.

I promised not to buy any jewelry from the store but I ended up getting my mom a bracelet (200HKD) and myself an 18k gold plated zodiac sign pendant (450HKD) which I have no intention of buying in the first place. I rarely wear jewelry so I think this would end up being stowed away in a safety box for a long time.

Update: The magnetic bracelet I bought my mom was just gold plated so it tarnished easily. I think she blames my dad who is acidic (he used it for a while) to have 'erased' the gold on the band.