Hongkong EP08 Mr. Lee's geological brother at Avenue of the Stars

Mr. Lee kept on repeating how he is related to Bruce Lee which I think everyone missed when he said 'geologically speaking he's my Older Brother'. He showed us the only sculpture of all the actors who have stars on the avenue which is of Bruce Lee and pointed out the famous ones.

I saw Jet Li's, Michelle Yeoh's Chow Yun Fat's but not Andy Lau's!! Too bad it must have been some place I haven't been :-(. In here also is where Mr. Lee's photographer companion (who is handsome btw) was also insistent in taking pictures of all of us which my mom was so happy indulging; to my demise later on.

Mr. Lee also said how every night (or was it on weekends) the avenue is also a good place to hang out for due to fireworks and light show. Something we should go back to.

Avenue of the stars is walking distance to Tsim Sha Tsui so I know when to go to when I decide to do a DIY back.

A few minutes before we finished the tour, the rain started pouring much worse again, just in time when we've settled on the bus.