Concert: This Boy: James Morrison (10.9.2012)

Listening to his albums, it is hard to find a single song I do not like. But it wasn't until my officemates were going that I decided that we (me and Reagan) will go as well. As usual, I'm pushing my luck on this one since he basically have not heard much about the guy before I mentioned.

We arrived there almost at the exact time (I don't get stressed too much about being there past 8 unlike before) but still managed to buy food. When we went in, Moonstar 88 was already playing. i have no idea they'd be on because as far as my research went, their name never came up. Probably a last minute decision.

When their time is up, we were all ears as to what they'd be singing first. How do you know? It's one of my favorites: Beautiful Life. I would have uploaded the video I took by phone (omg, I never thought that my phone has amazing sound recording capability!!) but I'd rather not everyone hear me screaming: "Be, paborito ko yan!!"; too embarassing.

It was believe me, my money's worth and more, although two of my favorites aren't played: Please Don't Stop The Rain and Same Side. But so far his choices were amazing. His set list comprised of all his 3 albums so it is quite understandable he'd miss some good ones. But the best part is that my bf actually enjoyed it!

I underestimated him in performing live I admit, because I was expecting him to just be sitting down on a stool and crack some English jokes which is far from how he was at the concert. He was all over the stage singing, jumping for almost 2 hrs straight. Will never miss my camera next time!

Image from Phil Concerts

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