Smashbook Project: Tip Bag Collection #1

1. To better keep track of my stickers/stick on embellishments, I assemble them all in a clear acetate then put them on a clear folder. This way, I could easily find which sticker I can use and be able to sort them by theme. This direct approach would only work for stickers that use double sided mounting tapes though. For other stickers you may keep them in their pad then stick that on to the acetate.

2. Recycle paper products, you will never know when to use them. Since I am making my smashbook from scratch, and the sad reality that the Philippines has not much scrapbook/smashbook/junk journal resources available, I am forced to reuse paper packaging when I think so fit. I do order online and buy like crazy from stores available but there is also a benefit for this, since I won't be paying extra, and I get free templates too!

I actually used a cereal box for the cover of my smashbook and I was never disappointed with it because it is of the right thicknes and best of all it is free! I am planning to cover the entire printed thing with pocketable sleeves anyway so It will be less of a cereal box in no time!

I also use tags from clothes that has a variety of shapes that all you need to do is use that as a template (less to measure) to make your own tags, or if the paper is wonderful enough, use it right away and cover the brand names with matching embellishments you can find from your stash. You can also use paper bags (brands like Egg & Simplejoys are my favorite) which you can refurbish as another paper, envelope, amongst others.

I do have a box of paper products which include but not limited to:

1. Soap, perfume and other nicely colored boxes which I can cut to use directly as tags, borders, etc.

2. Paper bags, envelopes of different types. GC envelopes by Starbucks, Concert ticket envelopes, etc.

3. Clothes and shoe tags

4. Pamphlets, leaflets, etc.

5. Magazine cut outs

3. Add a dollop of glue on tags with ribbons. This will keep it in place so that whenever you transport your smashbook it won't be detangled. Don't force it too much though as you will rip the tiny bit of paper that it is connected with, which as you can see, a mistake I have just committed below :-(


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