Buffet Roundup: Vikings, Yakimix, Cabalen

Vikings (MOA)

By far the most extensive buffet I've ever been in, this is also my most favorite. They offer a wide variety of dishes that are varied be it in drinks (they have overflowing beer) appetizer, soups, main course and dessert. And they have the ambiance to boost as well. they do have plenty of patrons but for some reason, the place does not feel too crowdy. They also have enough staff to change you plates even by request (when you can't finish it anymore) or simply when the plate looked used.

Yogurt (you serve your own via machine)
Crepe (ask for both chocolate and caramel when they make it)
Sausages on stick
Chawan mushi (much better than when we had it at Sakae)

Tempura (too much batter, shrimp nowhere to be found)
Nachos (a bit bland)
Shrimps (no, not because of taste BUT the long wait for refill)

Price is 888 for weekdays 1088 for weekends. Can't wait to get back! (which is around next next week haha)

Yakimix (MOA)

I have always heard good reviews from officemates but when I was able to experience the place I was truly disappointed with the choices. There are just very few of them and we left like as if we weren't at a buffet at all. The taste is really good though, but there was no excitement on my part to come back because weighing the per head cost vs. the available dishes is not really equal. Plus, drinks are to be paid for too, (unless you go for plain water) to be asked even and not free flowing.

Bacon with sprouts

Ice cream (really now, not even house made)
Cakes (have you ever tried those square chocolate cakes with different toppings but taste the same?Yes that's basically it)

Price is 599.

Cabalen (Market! Market!)

A friend of mine insisted that she treat me for dinner and she suggested this. This reminds me of the buffet at Fort Ilocandia, this is the type of buffet that I don't get the concept at all. the have a depressing number of viands and dessert was far from redemption in number. It's too bad especially that the flavors of the food are already wonderful. Drinks are also to be paid for. Waiters are a bit slow.


Kare Kare (my favorite but they only have tripe)
Chocolate fountain ( really? No stick?)

Price for dinner is 288 per head. Not bad if you are going to eat Filipino food. Cheaper than when you order a la carte at other restaurants.