ANSBR: Fully Satiated by Cloud Atlas

You have no idea how far and wide I have searched for this book. It's been months at most. I did everything I can, ask each bookstore I've been, order online (they refunded me when they realized they don't have stock) and called numbers. It was only when my last attempt in time with our polymer workshop (Fullybooked @ BGC) was I able to buy myself a copy.

As a book lover, I pick up books on how tempting the premise is. I love to read different styles of narration and this has intrigued me big time. Imagine reading a book separated in different eras with specific connections, end RIGHT at the middle of the book and closes each chapter that was left hanging on the remaining ones. It is an amazing style and I must have a copy. That plus I hate movie tie up book covers and learning about the existence of the movie made me excel all efforts in getting my hands on it.

At first though, it took me a little while to settle in. The language of Ewing's journal is far ahead of my resding capabilities but went on, picking up the pace. But I admit that it really took an extreme effort for my part. I could never do anything but concentrate in understanding language that is now alien to me (coffin used for cabin/quarters took my brows closer together for a moment). And just when I have already settled in, the chapter closes and then the letters come in. Another era. Another form of English.

Cloud Atlas may yet be the first book I have meticulously placed with tiny strips of post its to mark certain quotes I loved. Here's a sample:

...ignorance of the Other engenders fear; fear engenders hatred; hatred engenders violence ; violence engenders further violence until the only "rights" , the only law, are whatever is willed by the most powerful ~ An Orison of Sonmi-451

The book has showcased so many levels of expertise I doubt I could ever write anything close to this. It has left me in awe and fulfillment that I pray the movie achieve at least. I will not miss it for the world. And the moment I have closed the book? If only I can do a standing ovation, I swear that was exactly what I pictured myself doing.