TMW #1 Things to do if you feel like you're dying

I promised le boyfriend that I will show him my short stories when I was younger and I ended up digging through my Drafts folder. It is amazing to see the things I wrote by my earlier self and I wish so bad I could be like that girl before who writes effortlessly. Here is one of them cute sweet ones. I copy/pasted it here, my comments are in italic:

things to do if you feel like your dying
(see my naive self not knowing that it's supposed to be you're)

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1. cry if you must

2. try to get out with your most unlikely friends

3. walk with a friend in your subdivision or something, or if you have a huge campus where you could just roam around, do it.

4. if you are into animals, try visiting wildlife or any zoo. creations of God usually help if you just know how to look at it in great appreciation.

5. try to avoid things that makes you feel like you don't want to live anymore.

6. do something very accessible you must not have done before: roadtrip with your barkada, stare at the sky, sit at your favorite bench, play with the kids at your local clubhouse...

7. watch a lot of animated/comedy movies. basically, a good laugh can make you think back, "why the hell did i felt like i don't like to live anyway?"

8. keyword: appreciate. all small things that most people ignore are the best things that would surprisingly make you happy.

9. list down things that you want to do and start. watch shows that induce it, like travel shows, cooking shows, and the likes.

10. always pray and communicate with God. it always helps.

o yan huh... i've given you some of the things that I usually do whenever I feel unhappy and wanting to die. so go on. start now. the world awaits.

"don't waste your time idling away. you are here because of an opportunity. never waste it." (i used to be so into this forum site but not anymore)