TME: DFA Megamall Passport (03.Oct.2012)

Stupidity #1 Appointment

Ever since we've heard how DFA is having a branch at Megamall, my boss and I was relieved of the sudden convenience. We are both up for renewal but don't have the time and effort to expend at Macapagal. So at one time I quickly set an appointment online (Monday, Aug 27) only to find out that I am on the wrong site!! I didn't notice it at all because both DFA and Megamall appointment sites look and feel the same. It took a lot of chiding from my boss to simply reapply again (but also I called their customer service in case they'd put it against me that I've already applied earlier) at the Megamall site, and there it was, I am scheduled on Monday next week, Sept 3.

Stupidity #2

By 11am, I got out of the office. Normal office break is within 1130 to 130 and I thought it is better for me to come early and finish early. I walked as fast as I could (Megamall is walking distance from office). When I arrived I realized I haven't scouted how to get to the 7th Floor of the Parking Building that I ended up using the elevator designated at the actual parking site, the one near the bus terminals. Good thing I know that lift exists!

As I was waiting I realized that I forgot the most important paper I should be holding right now. The Appointment papers!! So I rushed out to Netopia -- I'm torn between having my officemate hand me my papers but not remembering where I put it last made me opt for having a new copy printed instead (Thank heavens the link still works!!). I was more unfortunate to have realized the queue of job seekers printing CVs. In my haste, I got a number the moment I got there not knowing yet that it was the queue for printing, and it was a beautiful mistake that time because if I haven't I would be waiting much longer. After my copy was printed (I think it cost me around 20 or 30 php including the net rental that is not even 5 minutes long) I hurriedly retraced my steps. I reached DFA at exactly 11:31 am.

And so the Saga Begins...

The first thing you'd do is have your appointment paper verified by the guy in the long counter. He'd be requesting you to get a ticket number and sit in any of the designated chairs to wait. My number was around 3087 (Argh I should have written this earlier!). My high hopes was then crushed when I saw that the latest is 3011 T_T.

I looked around and the place is clean and white and the chairs are still intact. I always hate going to government offices because it is almost always an eye sore. There are 15 counters at that time but only 7 are open. 12pm strikes and it is less than 3. I find it annoying that one of the guys (Guy 1) behind the counter actually STOPPED working and waited there for his lunch buddy (Guy 2) who is currently busy with an applicant. Guy 1 should have at least used that time to process just one applicant but no, he just sat there, chatted away.

Another disturbing thing I noticed is how they don't have replacements. The copier guy who went out for lunch have no substitute when he is away, and so are the rest of the processors. Ever since lunch, we are forced to wait for a much longer time since only 2 of them can process for most of us (1 of them is for seniors).

After two hours, it was finally my turn. I paid 1200 for an OT type of application (less time, 950 for regular). I thought it was over. I really do.

Saga Chapter 2

After payment (it's a small window on the left side) I proceeded to another waiting station. Encoders are much plentier and the line is much faster. No earrings, no lenses. It is nice that they now have a facility for image capture. Although I know I am so going to hate what I look like on the photo.

It took a while for my turn and when it was, it was all breezy. You sign via a black tablet --annoying since i have a letter T and you can only see the output on the screen and writing on something and seeing it on a different medium is a matter of trial and error. I was able to make it right the second time.

There is also encoding, make sure that what the guy on the other side of the counter writes are correct. Photo capture involves having your ears shown (I didn't remember that on my first photo, ne). There is also a  digital thumb print involved so make sure your fingers are not too greasy.

This part of the saga is much more tolerable than the first one (should have brought a tablet or something) although there is another disturbing employee who kept on flirting with a beautiful applicant. She even started ahead of me but I got finished first and so are the other applicants. At LBC station (before getting out of DFA) she was I think the 3rd or 4th to come (this part of the process is not mandatory) Cost is 130 pesos for delivery.

The End (Delivery)

I was able to receive my copy from LBC last Sept 12 (or 13) and it was handed to my father without my authorization letter and ID. It seems odd that such an important document such as this didn't require the actual owner to not have any form of authorization. I didn't know if he had presented valid IDs but then I realize the importance of the delivery address. It would be such a hassle if it got lost somewhere for sure.



  1. Thanks for sharing your story!
    At least I have an idea now of how long the whole process would be. ^^

    1. an officemate told me that around 530 on a weekday is the most hassle free, less people (as of the moment) appointment you can get :-D goodluck with your passport!

  2. thanks for posting, i have a renewal appointment tomorrow at 3pm. good thing that rush processing will be delivered 10 days after, because my flight to indonesia is on Jan 21. Now i'm confident that i'll get my passport right in time.

  3. Can I get a passport (first timer) at megamall or that branch is just for renewing? THanks!

    1. yes. just don't forget your credentials as they are more cautious :-D