Smashbook Project

Ever since my Japanese class has ended, I feel like I can get back to my hobbies before. So far I have already read 3 books and I'm already a quarter of the 2nd book of 1Q84. I have also decided to revive my scrapbooking 'career' which no one knows but I'm doing anyway. But it looks like as if I am now more inclined in to making my own smashbook.

Smashbook is actually a brand, it promoted the most basic scrapbooking/journaling even before scrapbook became a trend. Some bought smash kits but there are those who chose to build from scratch. I'm taking that route, not just because of the unavailability of the kits, but this is a challenge I would very much take. I have already seen what most have done and I would like to try it out too because unlike scrapbooking, this is more chaotic, unrestricted mash of memories, embellishments and everything in between, which is what I' doing with my current scrapbook anyway.

It's not that I have abandoned my scrapbook, it's just that I want to explore the world of smashbook, which I think will be best for keeping me and my bf's memories. I have oniy started Saturday, was not able to do any on Sun-Mon. Today I just bought my first paper trimmer which honestly made it hell easier to trim any size I want. I would love to buy a scoring tool too (yes, I am such a crude scrapbooker) if only I knew where to get those.

I will try to update my project experiences online, but for now, here are some mistakes I have encountered:

Not making a standard size book

I have started with a template of 5" x some random size after 5" which is freakingly ridiculous. What was I thinking last Saturday?! I just noticed my folly when I found factory cut 6"x 6" papers. All I need to do is paste those! Now what am I going to do with the pages I've already created? I think I'll just go with it for the meantime and mix it with the 6 inch ones. I don't want to waste paper of course. and a little bit off is forgiveable ( I think).

Not allotting space for the punch holes

Really, Tina? Really? Now I have to adjust the size of the entire book. Pout. See that brown thingy? I only just added that to remove the last trace of error with my punching. Now i have to create a larger template just so I can punch the right holes without piercing through the actual design. Besides, it will be easier on my hands when I punch on a much more thin paper. I tried to make certain provisions earlier but since some of pages have moveable flaps, I badly need the move.

See you next post!

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