Xin Wang Hongkong Cafe (8.11.12)

After a wondrous afternoon of Saltimbanco and helplessly looking for a Black Forest cake*, we decided to have dinner at Xinwang. I've been seeing this store for some time now but it is one of the new ones I notice in MOA together with the always jam packed JCO. 

Garlic Porkchop with Rice (195). Comes with mixed veggies and a slice of tomato and cucumber which you can find in any grocery. The porkchop was, unbelievably crispy. Yes, crispy. I was expecting your typical gravy laden chops but hey, the taste of the sauce is thumbs up! And the fact that it's crispy and a fair serving?  Why not!

Rotti Prata with Curry (195) is not disappointing but not even something to remember too. Orchard Road has their curry to be spicier, but the actual rotti is less condescending than Makan Makan's. Comes in two patties, not too oily or dry and is really soft.

Spicy Seafood and Rice (with egg) (200++). Comes with a really large plate. Not spicy at all but the flavors are superb. I wonder what they put on it. 

Due to my boyfriend's last experience at Stackers where he got a puny little burger in spite of being 3 tiers, he also ordered noodles this time so to not be disappointed. The actual name escapes me though. The bowl was really huge, good for at least 2-3 people. It has pork floss, probably 2 or 3 scrambled eggs and a few green leafy veggies. The taste was bland if it weren't for the floss. Other than being full already, le bf hasn't finished this dish in disappointment.

We also had Lychee and Watermelon shakes (75 each). It comes with a tall glass that looked more like for sharing. Not like what we are most accustomed to with over priced drinks. 

Mine was just like colored water but Lychee was awesome. I hate that I've changed orders. 

Total bill was less than 1000 php and it was a nice experience. I would love to go back, have my family try it out. Maybe at that time I would like to try their luncheon meat meals-- they seem to have a fondness for it so I'm expecting something special. What's more it is fairly cheap. What I can't guarantee though, from experience is their noodles up there. 

Xin Wang Hongkong Cafe can be found at MOA, Entertainment mall. 

*Nope we haven't found any

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