TME: Hooray Saltimbanco! (8.11.12)

Cirque du Soleil is one of the names that I never forgot when I heard it when I was younger. I was fascinated by them and would have loved to see them in person. Years later, and now that I can afford it, I took le bf to watch.

Our schedule was just too awful this day that none seem to have been in my favor. We got to the ticket line late, first we went to a different lane that does not offer any seats for Lower Boxes anymore so we went to the SM line. They do offer the 10% discount for SMAC/BDO Rewards user (that's why you are seeing a different price here). It was a nice promo although because of a faulty system they have, and I'm trying to be kind here, we came in late. I can see from the eyes of the cashier how panicked she was while I kept on giving her an annoyed face.

Next annoying thing of the day was how the guards never let my camera in. I swear I called customer service before we came in and she said that cameras are okay! I'm so going to get back at her tomorrow.

Like I've said we got in late, there was a bit of drama on my part which I'm not telling, unless le bf comments here. It was just a culmination of all the day's events it was just too hard for me to take.

Skipping that part, I am glad to say that I was not disappointed. My most favorite part has got to be the bathroom scene. It was funny and it was wonderfully executed. This is my 2nd circus watch this year (earlier there was Cirque Mother Africa and I have yet to decide whether I'd still blog it) and 3rd of my lifetime (there's the Great American Circus last last year). It is really artistic and something that will make both kids and adults alike left in awe. And of all 3, this won big time.

Prices are awful in the pocket but once you get past that, the experience is really worth each penny. I was just disappointed at first because I was expecting a full pledge circus play of sorts but it was enough to keep us entertained AND awake. Yes, if you've seen enough circus you'd see the same old tricks but somehow their execution is just wonderful. I can even say it is magical. One item in my bucket list scratched off yay!

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