TIB: Carless Boyfriend Anyone?

I don't usually listen to radio stations but whenever I feel sleepy during OT I try to listen to whatever. Tonight's topic at magic was for me superficial at it's best: will you date a guy with no car? What's even more surprising is how some girls REALLY said it matters.

I was rolling my eyes all,the time the 'boys' laid out the,topic and I was wondering how could this be a topic in the first place? Why am I listening to this?!

First caller said yes. I was almost certain I'd be violent when I'm anywhere near her physically. How can a car be a gauge to dating anyone? To show off to friends? The hell, I bet those boys won't even have cars if it weren't from their parents! Hello? You are just a college student dang it. You can't even afford it without your daddykins. Like, well, uh, you know? Tell me more how you found the love of your life because of his car. Ah wait, His car His dad bought him. Tell me more about how responsible he is.

At some point yes, it does make him a bit responsible IF he bought the car with his own money. But if it was just a daddy gift I don't see that counting as being responsible. For one, if you're in college and you still receive your allowance, then you are obviously JUST a kid with rich parents, nothing more. So to me, if a girl expects that from a guy, then you must also be a rich daughter who have a lifestyle to keep. Andt that lifestyle is way more important to her than your loving personality boy. Too bad this ain't the movies, right?

As for me, I never really looked at material things a guy owns. One caller nailed it when she said, 'I'll be dating the guy, not the car'. Amen to that. Yes, it does raise some issues like going home at the wee hours of the night after a concert, problems during heavy downpour and limited capability to reach point a to b. But such issues are a waste of time worrying about that it doesn't equate to a guys' capability to love and be a candidate for a husband. i'd rather have a guy with a great personality than a guy with a great car. And anyone who thinks they are way better off with a douchebag (most often) with a car probably needs to have their priorities checked...

image: http://www.styleforum.net/t/59892/bmw-the-official-car-of-the-douchebag