DraftCraft (FREE) Ipad

The lack of a free official Blogger app in the Ipad platform is saddening so stumbling on the free version of DraftCraft is a relief to me. There are just a few of them out there but I sticked on to this one because of it's simplicity.

The three most popular blogs are available to link so you can switch on multiple sites at a time. Not only that, once you connect your account it will automatically capture all the blogs affiliated to that account.

It is though, not 100% free since some features will be locked once you achieve 10 posts. This incudes picture resizing and removal of DraftCraft footer, etc. It only costs $0.99 so I may eventually end up buying it (just for the image resizing), unless of course you can fix that up on the actual blogger site.

Verdict: simple, does what it has to do, and free from pesky ads. Love it!