CraftStudio (FREE Limited) Ipad

So i was pushing my luck on AppStore the other day and found out about this nifty app that made me almost drool. One of my hobbies is scrapbooking and I miss it so bad. I don't have much time lately so this app is a sort of release of my frustrations.

For a free (limited time so I am absolutely lucky) app, this is not cheaply made. I've tried s few free apps out there but man, this is leagues ahead compared to them. All tools are on the left, where the basics, are already laid out. Stickers, stamps, text, paper and different cuts.

There are 4 themes free to use which is already a good start if you are being scrimpy. With that alone, you can mix and match different styles across themes it is impossible not to be hooked. What's more, all cuts are perfectly made and no sticky glitters on fingers!

More themes are available for purchase which is way cheaper than getting all the stuff there in real life. It does, however feel like cheating in a way since all you need to do now is think of a good layout with what you already have.

Although it will not replace my actual scrapbooking materials, creating pages here is something I would love to print in the near future. A storybook perhaps?

Verdict: So far there are just a few themes available for purchase, none that I'm that interested with. I'm also looking forward to bulk sales so probably when that's up i have higher chances of purchasing