Shorties: The writing dryspell might be over soon (hopefully)

Just when my year is fully packed with activities and things to write, I was ironically gifted with too much work that all the rest of the hobbies I'm trying to keep is an impossibility. I work around 11 hours in a day, commute for more than 4 hours next thing I know, I'm in bed surfing the web to bring my sanity back. I just don't have the energy left to focus on anything. I can't even study for my Japanese classes It's not even funny anymore. Obviously I want to excel but this work, as much as I love it, is literally killing my extracurricular activities.

Anyway, we have just deployed today so by next week, if I'm as lucky as I think I am, or even remotely a good programmer there should be just a few issues. It is by far the biggest project I have handled in my career so it's a big deal that it has to work. Hopefully, i canget backto blogging!!