Dap-Ayan Ti (4.5.2012)

If you happen to have arrived at Laoag on the wee hours of the night can grab a bite on this 24 hour food court.

I'm not sure if the place has more stalls open at day but it sure is lively even at night.

They offer the typical fried meat & rice and egg meals you can get anywhere. My father had bulalo and claims it was really good. I didn't attempt to try it though because I am already perspiring.

There are however two things I don't like about the place.

One is the lack of aircon. We were dripping wet inside and it felt like the air presses on the lungs. You see, there are no windows and it's an enclosed area. The electric fans they set up is an argument waiting to happen, being there are only a few of them to supply for the ventilation needs of customers.

The second one is how, well, due to the similarity of offerings, are the aggressive "marketing" strategy of being the loudest and most convincing once you step in. Maybe it will be better if not all vendors offer the same thing just like in Little Tokyo, where they prevent unhealthy competition by having their restaurants offer different types of dishes.

Over all cost for this dinner: 500 pesos. Bulalo, 3 types of silogs and 3 orders of Ilocos empanada.

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