TME: Eran Katz Mini Workshop (5.12.12)

I'm currently taking language lessons and you could say I could use some help in the memory department. So when, as usual PB's newsletter informed me of an upcoming free mini workshop with Eran Katz, I couldn't resist in not going.

I went there and bought his book "Where did Noah park the ark?" and was able to read  a handful of pages before he came. He's not condescending at all, that he almost introduced himself instead of the host.

I loved his accent, that even though he speaks almost perfect (he stammered a few times) English, the accent was clearly there. He is also funny too, and knows how to keep the crowd interested.

As I've said I already read a few pages and you will know he is just repeating on what he just wrote. I'm not saying it's a bad thing of course. It just shows his consistency. He also taught us a few tricks on memorizing lists (I was doing it wrong when I read it but thank God for the demo) but not on numbers. He somehow tackled it a bit, by saying he changes the numbers into letters. But when he was asked for a demo he told them he can't because the technique is not too child-friendly.

What I also liked about him is he's not bragging that he has photographic memory (he says it's a myth, and if they are he would gladly want to meet one) nor a savant at all! He reiterates that since he knew he's just a regular guy, everyone can do it.

Book signing yay!

I don't have much time reading books lately but now that I have this copy I might as well read it when not busy. Hopefully I'd be be as skillful as him :-D

Here's an awfully small clip. Sorry I've started later.


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