Cape Bojeador Lighthouse (4.6.12)

A stop that can be easily missed, the lighthouse is situated on a top of a hill (or so I think). You need to have your car traverse all the way up there, which makes it a good idea to have your car on the trip. On the way down we saw a tourist bus and since they road was narrow and a bit dangerous (so many turns) they may have to resort to other means of getting up.

At the top we were surprised to see a small group of friends already parked there. But as you can see, I think it's obvious, that being there early means you get to take absolutely people free photos unlike when everyone is walking to and fro. 

The steps toward the lighthouse is a bit dangerous as well, I wonder if it has experienced renovation at all, but some parts are really hard to step on. 

The actual lighthouse is closed for public and left on it's own. Not sure if there are hidden secrets but I do hope that the lighthouse be restored to it's former glory. 

Tip: Keep a very close eye on  your kids. The place is situated at the very top and not all sides of the Lighthouse are actually safe. There will be accidents if you're not too cautious.

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