PS: Flickr Bulk Download

Remember Friendster days? Yes, B.FB.* The days when everybody's profile was customized, most often to the extreme everyone suddenly think JScript is hip. Back then this was the only site everyone knew. So when the announcement came of their reformat I took the bait of retrieving all the sentimental stuff I tucked in that (now dead) corner of the web.

And that's where I made one of the mistakes I regret later. I let it move all my photos on Flickr. To my dismay the site doesn't offer a download album feature (totally sucks, it's your property anyway).

At first I was clicking the photos one by one (they even have so many windows that pop in and out before you can even go to the download image part (seriously Flickr are you in drugs?) so I grew tired of it, forgot about it for a long time then remembered it just today when I retrieved all my photos in Photobucket (not that I'm closing it but HEY, they have a download feature AND I can see all my photos)

Googling how to make it faster in Flickr, I stumbled upon this site:

Migratr Interface

Downloaded the thing (this is not a paid ad believe me, this is a tip for anyone as lazy as I am) and imported all my files in my folder yay! (I'm currently in Windows 7 so I could only vouch for same system as I am :-))

What's cool is that you can actually import it to other sites if you want to (I never tested this though) OR directly on your drive!

Thanks Migratr! I can finally delete these photos on Flickr woohooo!

*(rolls eyes) Fine. It's Before Facebook.