Old Penang House (2.11.12)

The partner is not feeling well so I suggested we go somewhere he can eat something spicy to make him feel warm. There are still plenty of restaurants in RW we haven't cleared yet and one of them has to be this which is rare to find elsewhere.

I ordered Nasi Lemak Special (245) and he got the Famous Penang Prawn Noodle (220). I know, I know, my choice is truly safe, but I'm afraid that my stomach may react exaggerately with really spicy food. He also got himself milk tea which looked like coffee with too much cream. Tasty though.

Even though a chili icon was beside the name of my Nasi Lemak, it wasn't that spicy at all so anyone can practically survive it. The beef is tender and the addition of cucumber and spicy dilis is probably there just to compensate for the price.

The Prawn Noodle tasted different, because I've never tried anything like it. Imagine a spicy soup of prawns fused with peanuts. I love peanut dishes myself (kare-kare, satay) and this is something new to me. It is clear to imagine yourself eating this in a cool wet day and it will be perfect. Doesn't look like much in the photo though.

We rarely reach the dessert stage but at this point, I'm already craving for something sweet that will wash away all the mixed flavors in my mouth. So we ordered their version of halo-halo but has lesser ingredients than what we used to.

Conclusion: will remember the next time we're on the area.


  1. I found it amusing that you just had dessert to get rid of all the edible experiments LOL!

    1. haha i was desperate! i can't exactly live with that on my mouth the whole day T_T (and with my bf around too :-P)