Yabu: House for the Non-Vegan (01.14.12)

One of the newly opened restaurants in Megamall is yet another japanese-themed restaurant named Yabu, House of Katsu. And going by the name of the store, unlike what most does that offers everything you can think of without even the right of doing so (like crumbling sushi yikes!), they chose to specialize in one of the most typical 'japanese' food out there. The pork katsu.

The first thing they serve you is a cup of sesame seed. My first visit this came un-crushed and you have to pound it  with a wooden mortar. Although the interaction was nice, the wood mortar didn't help that much in pressing the seeds. The time I went back though, there was no mortar and it was already crushed, which they have probably decided to do than the frustrating useless wood. 

Already at the table are the sauces you can mix together with your sesame seeds. Standard katsu sauce is on the left, and everything can be used to mix in to what you might fancy, even the mayo can be a candidate if that is what you prefer other than pouring it over your shredded cabbage.

One of the most noticeable difference in other mainstream stores that offer katsu is here in Yabu, you order it per gram (the least is 100g) and can be rosu, hire part or the most expensive of it, the premium pork katsu. 

As I've said I already visited the place once and here's Rosu (100g) costing 200+ and comes in 2 pieces.

This other one is the premium type, it's just one piece but relatively larger even if the two were combined, and costs twice than that above.

The only difference with the sets are the pork themselves so don't expect to get any additional what have yous on the set. Both are served in with  a bowl of sticky rice, pork katsu, shredded cabbage (which is unlimited serving), a cup of fruits, miso soup and pickled cucumber. 

In deciding on what to order I realize there really is nothing to rave that much about the premium one. Yes it's tender than your normal pork katsu but I guess you really have to have an awfully sensitive tongue to discern the difference of premium and their regular offerings. Yes, it's thick but I have tasted nothing that will make me want to buy the one that costs 500 than the one you can get 50% off the price.

 The first time I visited everyone was really friendly. They even offered me a second serving of cabbage which I had to decline because I was already full. The second time though, when I came back with my boyfriend I was shocked at how we were ushered in the middle seats where we have to seat face to face. I know that it's just us (we usually seat next to each other) but what add to my dismay is how when I pointed to the couch, she ACTUALLY reasoned that what if there are 4 customers that needed seating? And as a paying customer, I know my right and unless that one's reserved, we have every right to choose where we want to eat. Besides, right before the seats I pointed a couple is using the table for 4 as well so I don't see why she has to bring that up. Never have we been treated like this on any restaurant before (there was even a time we have a cubicle in Urameshi-ya for just the two of us) that this is a huge minus for a supposedly warm experience.

As for the food, well, the novelty of ordering pork in grams like steak or crabs is a wonder at first but I think they ought to add more to their menu that everyone come back for. They already got the rice perfectly which is one of my basis for a good Japanese restaurant (rip offs will force you to use chopsticks on their cheap rice), and their katsu is probably the best out there, non greasy (I swear you won't have oily lips), crispy and tender. In time people will ask for a much varied menu and when that happens, Yabu has to be prepared.

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