Theater: Defending the Caveman (through Humor) (01.14.12)

I was looking for some place to go one day and it got me to Ticketworld. No good concert was on this week but I saw this event that looked really interesting, a one-man play entitled Defending the Caveman. I googled it quick and words like 'long-running', 'funny', 'a must for your date' and how the tickets were priced, (the front seats are just priced at 1200 a ticket) I set when I was to buy it. To my surprise CashCashPinoy was offering huge cut on the orchestra seats (we got it for 500) and the next thing we knew, we were seated at the front center of the stage.

I thought we were really lucky to have the spots because without the voucher, our 500 will only take us to the very back. It was fun at first until we got paranoid. Why are we seated here? Why the very front? Why the very center? Will this have an audience participation? What, in front of these rich old people here? Noooo!!! So me and bf decided to not act like a couple. It hard not to cuddle but we have no choice. This slight discomfort or be up there in the spotlight.

The play started with a montage of Joel Trinidad and his wife Emmy, pictures of them when they were kids until they got married. They also have a video that paints a picture of their everyday life living together taking into account the tiniest details of the differences of men and women.

I was a bit scared that the play would be really boring and have dragged my bf to a lazy afternoon instead of watching Sherlock Holmes but it was surprisingly fun and informative I feel like we've cheated our way there. The jokes are relatable, the miming of Emmy and women in general are hilarious.

It's really a shame that there are only a few shows but I assure you it's that good I won't be surprised tht they'd do more reruns, probably with a different guy, which I highly doubt, since Joel Trinidad was just perfect. I didn't get to video the thing though, nor take a photo because I always thought it's prohibited inside plays but take it from me, once you hear that the play is on? Don't hesitate to take your date with you. I won't promise that you will learn a thing from him after but I'm a 100% sure you will laugh. And yeah. It's safe for couples. :-D


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  2. Glad that you enjoyed the shows! More theater plays coming your way at amazing discount prices! Stay tuned to!